"Freeform lens technology is the greatest step forward for lens manufacturing in a generation"

The vast majority of varifocals work by setting optic power & astigmatism on interest points on the surface of a lens, with the setting through an algorithm known as B-splines. However, the lens surface is a continuous topography and points in between are solved through interpolation, which results in a big loss of control over the astigmatism and power in a very large area of the lens. Advances in lens design software and precision freeform equipment has provided us with new and exciting opportunities, enabling us to offer a wide range of high performance, state-of-the art-lenses. We do this by digitally modelling the optical lens surfaces with an infinite amount of control points, creating personalised ophthalmic lenses tailored to each patient. The instant result is significantly greater visual comfort and significantly wider fields of view.

  • All purpose freeform varifocal
  • Dynamic design
  • Quick and easy adaptation
  • Corridor lengths from 13mm to 18mm
  • Versatile and well balanced
  • Excellent optical performance in all zones
  • Quick and Easy adaptation (reduced swim-effect)
  • Variable corridor lengths (shortest 10mm)
  • Made with Digital EyeView Technology
  • Wide viewing angle at all distances
  • Low edge distortion (reduced swim-effect)
  • Variable corridor lengths (12mm to 20mm)
  • Very smooth Mean Power Profile
  • Significantly wider viewing angle at all distances
  • Rapid adaptation
  • Excellent binocular field
  • Variable corridor lengths (shortest 10mm)
  • Made with Digital EyeView Technology & Smooth Optics
  • Vitually distortion free as very smooth Mean Power Profile
  • Very wide field of view at all distances
  • Minimal overall astigmatism and minimal swim-effect
  • Rapid adaptation and excellent binocular balance
  • Variable corridor lengths (10mm to 20mm)

All lenses available as:

– Polarised

– Drivewear

Specialist Varifocal