Coatswroth Eye Clinic offers following specialists lenses:


A varifocal lens designed for people who regularly require a progressive lens in an active and dynamic environment. The varifocal is applied to the lens in such a way that it gives the wearer a much wider field for distance and intermediate, moving the reading area a little further down the lens. This means when playing golf, for example, when bending over to take a swing your reading area will not interfere but is still substantial enough to record your all-important scores!

iOffice and iDesk

These are both progressive lenses designed for office type environments. Where a traditional varifocal has distance, intermediate and reading, these lenses concentrate on giving the wearer the best possible vision for intermediate and near work.  They have also been developed to allow the wearer the most natural head position therefore reducing neck strain associated with long term computer use.

The iOffice allows the wearer to see a little further into the distance, so great for those who work in a general office or a shop, for example.

The iDesk has the widest area for computer and close work, so great for those who spend long periods of time at a VDU screen.


A varifocal lens designed with the specific vision requirements of driving in mind. Clear distance vision is the absolute priority, giving the wearer the widest field of view in the distance possible. It also gives improved middle distance vision compared to other progressive designs for reading the dashboard and seeing in mirrors.

All of our specialist lenses are available with all coatings, thinner lenses and sunglasses options.